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Quintessential Wellbeing

Mean to You

To Us, It means . . .
Achieving Your Perfected Form

Welcome to our stage where we point and guide you to finding your quintessential wellbeing – your perfected form.  By following the methods and steps presented in our courses, you achieve the place where you only dreamed possible. You make the impossible, possible. Sounds out of reach, maybe for some, but for us we live this journey daily, knowing every moment we grow nearer to the place we envision.

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The place where you share the results you achieved. Something to be proud of as it brings about your highest level of health . . .

Wynand du Plessis
Wynand du Plessis
Senior Attorney
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When I met with Peter during May 2020 I was grossly overweight, always exhausted and suffered from serious memory loss. During various sessions with Peter, he directed me and without too much effort and self discipline, I can say that my journey with him has been life changing. Not only have I only lost in excess of 18 kilos of weight but my waistline has become 10 cm smaller.Today I feel awesome and haven't felt this well in the last 20 years (64 years old). My overall health and memory has improved tremendously. Please accept my sincere gratitude for leading me on this amazing journey.
Corne van der Walt
Corne van der Walt
Chief Risk Officer
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So much respect for this man. Peter started a journey with me to improve my overall health more than a year ago. I started off with a lot of chronic medication that only addressed the symptoms and not the cause of my ailments. I have suffered from adrenal burnout as well as depleted levels of different hormones, serotonin and various vitamins and minerals. Peter assisted with the referral to suitable specialists and running blood panels to identify and address the root causes of these issues. His knowledge in natural and alternative health is excellent. I can definitely recommend him to other individuals who want a total review of their chronic medications, diet, supplements and change of lifestyle to enhance general well being.​
Lauren Mark
Lauren Mark
Social Media Expert
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One of the smartest decisions I have ever made was to contact Peter and ask him to rebuild my body. He started from the inside out whereas every thinks its the other way around. Peter was so very helpful and knowledgeable, and created a method and step by step process that with a short time my life was turned around from being burnt out, overweight and unhealthy. Thanks Peter, your authenticity and dedication to helping clients is one-in-a-million
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Peter’s method and focus on identification, cleaning out the gut and detailing how to restore and feed my body what it needs, it really helped me go from completely housebound and unable to walk most days at the young age of 58 to working full-time, feeling strong, and getting back into exercising.

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