“When you follow the correct method and steps to enhance nutrient density and saturation, your body you will be at its peak .
It’s that simple! Just how I like to keep it.” 

Getting to know peter Šmanjak

Twenty five years in the healthcare industry, highly skilled in the management of enterprise and health risks of the most serious of life threatening diseases, Peter's indepth knowledge in nutrient dense nourishment, mega-dose supplementation and exercise science, provides a strong foundation to dealing with most health challenges.

Having been a competitive sports-person for 15 years and also very involved in nutrition, exercise and health for over 38 years, Peter learnt what it means to nourish the body, mind and spirit with the most nutrient dense foods, exercise principles and insights that enhance personal well-being and performance.

Peter believes every person has a universal gift to be well. What he learnt over a lifetime of being in healthcare and the management of risk is the information made available is not for our benefit to achieve this gift. After his own health scare after having access to the most advanced information, he designed a roadmap with the method and steps to achieve your best form of well-being.

Peter's methodology follows the principles of risk identification, evaluation and implementation of the most advanced alternative and natural care protocols used today across various natural health. He has been using these methods to improve his own health, his family and his clients health for over a decade now.

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