“When you follow the correct method and steps to enhance nutrient density and saturation, your body you will be at its peak .

It's that simple! Just how I like to keep it.” 

My Story

You are about to embark on a journey that may reward you with health like you may never have imagined possible. The amazing thing about what I found out, experience and trained many after after me, is that it will definitely save you from the dread of modern disease. 

I spent years searching for answers to my own gut health issues even after a life of feeding my body with what I believed was the so-called healthiest food.

I later discovered I was hoodwinked into this marketing hype, even with my health background in managing the most serious of diseases in the healthcare delivery system.  In addition I have been an active sportsperson for over 46 years, either exercising or participating at the highest level in sport. I competed as a sprinter for 15 years, spent years cycling, excelled as a soccer player, scratch golfer and experimented daily to achieve my own personal best level of development.

My severe gut issues of a decade ago led me to investing in blood panels and genetic tests to try determine the possible cause. In my work in risk, if you cannot identify the risk and determine the cause you end up treating the symptom, which then leads to other health issues. I spent fortunes on pharmaceutical drugs I had been taking and not finding any relief.

I took a sabbatical from my business and spent many years researching and applying what I had gained over my career working with experts. I finally discovered the method and steps required to heal my own gut and be the healthiest I have EVER been. 

Years later, I have fine-tuned my system for resolving gut health and related health risks of my client’s and I want to begin by sharing the learning with you. This could literally save your life and bring about a level of health you have only dreamed of experiencing. Remember, I have looked at this from a health risk angle and in so doing, I do not advocate pie in the sky diets, but get straight to what you require nutritionally to turn your health around and gain your perfected form – this we call your “Quintessential Wellbeing”.

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