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Step III: You Are What You Eat

The most challenging part of this course was stage II, where you could literally feel your body changing. While it was purging out toxins you may have felt the effects of having a flu, cold or aching body.  Should you have been able to press through stage II as designed, you will be ready for …

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Step IIIa: The Good Food List

Fruits to Enjoy  Fruits can be eaten in abundance, unless:   You have a known allergy or sensitivity to a particular fruit. The volume of fruit you’re eating is over your personal threshold of what your blood sugar regulating mechanisms can handle. Good Fruits to Include Acai berries Apple Apricot Avocado Banana Blackberries Black raspberries …

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What are polyphenols? Polyphenols are the most abundant group of plant phenolic compounds, known to provide much of the flavour, colour, and taste to fruits, vegetables, seeds, and other parts of the plants. As dietary sources of biologically active compounds they prove to be valuable for health. They have been linked to reduce the risk …

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Step I: Healing Begins with Food

The Bug Terrain and the Battlefield  In the beginning of this stage, we spoke briefly of the microbiome and the microbiota. You heard the importance of a balanced ecology of bacteria in the gut and on the body. Our focus and attention in this step is on foods that bring about increased healing and repair …

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